Simple Strategies to Stay Healthy While Celebrating the 4th of July

shutterstock_536684599Celebrating Independence Day doesn’t always have to mean blowing your diet on hot dogs and root beer. There are plenty of healthy ways to commemorate the Founding Fathers instead. Why not try one of these fitness-friendly activities to celebrate this July 4th?

1. Scavenge for Artifacts

If you are looking for an activity that is both active and fun, why not try a scavenger hunt? The list of Independence-themed items you can have people look for is almost endless: American flags, something from each state, and red, white, and blue items.

2. Join a Parade

Marching in a parade burns calories and helps you rack up steps on your step counter. Find out whether there are any July 4th festivities taking place near you and commit to being a part of the parade.

3. Tug-of-War

Dress one team as the British Army and the other as Minutemen and let them enact a less bloody version of the early Independence battles in your very own backyard. All you need is a strong rope and plenty of space. Each team grips the rope and uses their leg, arm and back muscles to drag the other team over. Harder than it looks, this fun activity can be almost as intense as a gym workout.

4. Play All-American Sports

Baseball and basketball are all-American sports that have barely made it across the Atlantic. Create a patriotic atmosphere by setting up a baseball or basketball game in a local park. Not only is sport a good way to have fun, but it also allows you to indulge at a July 4th barbecue without guilt.

5. Take a Walking or Biking Tour

Take the chance to educate the whole family and get them active by taking a walking or biking tour around a historic town this July. Many official walking and biking tours are available, but if you can’t find one that sounds appealing, you can create your own by looking up information about historic sites online so you can act as tour guide yourself.