Fitness moves to try with a partner

shutterstock_330209492Exercising is always more fun with a friend. But the benefits don’t stop there; it’s also more effective. It keeps you motivated, encourages you to push harder, and holds you accountable.

Workout Moves for Partners

Buddy workouts go beyond running together on neighboring treadmills. To really see results, throw in some moves that involve actual participation with each other.

Take a look at these four partner moves that can take your fitness to the next level.

1. Over-Under

This move requires a medicine ball and works core, shoulders, and legs. Standing about a foot apart and facing away from each other, both partners (we’ll call them “A” and “B”) position feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart.

Partner A holds the medicine ball while the both bend into a squat until they’re bottom-to-bottom. Next, A passes the medicine ball through her legs to B. Then both of you stand, and partner B goes over her head to hand the ball back to partner A to complete one rep.

Do 20 times, then switch positions for 20 more.

2. Wheelbarrow Push-Up with Deal Lift

This is a great move for targeting your core, chest, arms, back, and legs. Begin with partner A in plank position and partner B standing behind A, holding her ankles.

Partner B bends forward from the hips while keeping arms straight. Partner A bends elbows and lowers her chest into a push-up. To complete the move, B stands (keeping knees and back straight) and A straightens her arms.

After 20 reps, switch places and repeat 20 more times.

3. Triceps Pass

For this move that works triceps and abs, you’ll need a medicine ball again. Partner A stands while holding the ball overhead. Partner B lies on the floor with her head in front of A’s feet and holds onto A’s ankles.

Partner A then lowers the medicine ball behind her head. Next, A straightens arms and leans forward. Partner B lifts legs up toward A, and A places the ball between her partner’s feet.

Partner B lowers her legs to the floor, then lifts them again for A to grab the medicine ball. That makes one rep. Continue for 20 reps, then switch places and do 20 more.

4. Squat and Dip

The squat and dip move targets your legs, butt, triceps, and shoulders. You’ll need a medicine ball for this exercise as well.

Partner A stands about a foot from a wall, leans back against the wall, and slides into a squat. A raises the medicine ball over her head and holds it there with shoulders against the wall and arms straight.

Partner B positions herself a little more than a foot in front of A, facing away. B then gets into a squat with hands on A’s knees, fingers forward. Partner A stays in a squat while partner B completes 20 dips. Reverse position for 20 more reps.

For more info on great partner workouts, call the fitness experts at Fitness 4 Less.