Fitness after 40

shutterstock_380246272Aging takes a toll on your body in many ways. For instance, your joints become more fragile, skin loses elasticity, knees become saggy, hormonal levels fluctuate, and the body’s metabolism slows down.  These changes make it daunting for anyone over 40 to keep fit.  But, have not fear. It is possible to stay fit as you age with these simple tips.

1.    Preserving muscle mass

One of the greatest challenges in keeping fit as you age is maintaining muscle mass. Unfortunately, loss of muscle mass is common as you age, and increases dramatically after 40.  For this reason, replacing lost muscle should be a major goal in keeping fit. To achieve this, you should focus on an exercise routine that includes aerobics, stretching, and strength training. This will also help you to restore your body’s metabolism and improve cardiovascular endurance. Remember, your joints are more prone to injury at this age, so practice moderation.

2.    Understanding your type of body

Your body type determines the kind of exercise and diet that you require in order to build muscle or lose fat effectively. It also determines how long it would take to achieve your fitness goals. You should consult a personal trainer to help you identify your body type and subsequently develop a fitness routine that is best suited to your needs. A mix of exercises and routines ensures muscle confusion targeting different parts of your body.

3.    Get sufficient rest

Resting ensures that your body recovers from the wear and tear resulting from your exercise routine, thus preventing soreness of muscles. You should, therefore, take a break between workouts in order to get sufficient rest.

4.    Avoiding Injury

Aging means that any injury to your body will take more time to heal – not like in your youthful years. Unfortunately, after 40, your bones are more brittle and joints a bit wobbly- making you more susceptible to injury. As such, you should take care to avoid injury during exercise. Therefore, moderation is essential – begin with low-impact exercises and gradually increase the intensity. It is also important to include lots of stretches before, after, and in-between your workouts. Stretches warm up your muscles before starting your workouts, as well as help muscles to relax after an intense workout.

Keeping fit as you age may be challenging, but is still essential in ensuring your physical and mental well-being. Exercising will enable you lose unwanted fat and preserve muscle mass.

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