5 Fun Ways to Put the “Labor” Back in Labor Day

Labor Day is approaching, and it’s time to make the most of the last weekend of the summer. Although you may be tempted to kick back and relax, the holidays are the perfect opportunity to get active outdoors before the weather starts to turn colder. Here are five fun ways to incorporate outdoor exercise into your Labor Day weekend.
1. Kayaking
Kayaking can be peaceful or exhilarating, depending on how and where you do it. Whether you choose to enjoy a leisurely paddle on a lake or a thrilling ride on whitewater rapids, kayaking can help strengthen your upper body, boost your mood and improve your heart health. As steering a kayak involves rotating your torso and applying pressure with your legs as you paddle, kayaking can increase your torso and leg strength, too.
2. Trail Running
Trail running, or running on natural surfaces, such as grass or sand, is a scenic alternative to running on a treadmill. Hitting the trail requires you to adjust your pace and footing to traverse the uneven terrain and thus provides you with a more challenging workout than treadmill running. The softer, uneven surfaces of trails can also help reduce the impact of running on your joints.
3. Tennis
Tennis is a high-intensity workout that offers a wealth of health benefits. Regular play can help boost your brain power, improve your coordination, maintain strong bones, and boost your heart and lung health. If you don’t have a tennis partner, consider practicing alone by hitting the ball against a wall or sprinting from the baseline to the net.
4. Swimming
Outdoor swimming is an excellent way to enjoy a low-impact full-body workout. It also burns more calories than indoor swimming as the cooler temperatures of open water force your body to work harder to maintain its core temperature. For a more focused outdoor swim, consider adding a kickboard to strengthen your lower body or using a pull buoy to build upper body strength.
5. Cycling
Cycling is one of the easiest forms of exercise to incorporate into your weekend because it’s also a mode of transport. Regular cycling, be it on- or off-road, can boost your health in many ways, from improving your heart and lung health to strengthening your legs and core. You can add variation to your bike ride by changing your speed and terrain and adding resistance in the form of a weighted rucksack or training vest.
Getting active over the holidays is easier than you might think. By trying out these fun activities, you can get outdoors and get moving over the Labor Day weekend.